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By | April 17, 2017

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Internet newbies all the way up to an experts

My profile page on Wealthy Affiliate

My profile page on Wealthy Affiliate

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

My unique take on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that it is great for learning how to build any business. Whether you want to build online or locally, the training at Wealthy Affiliate walks you through the steps little by little, step by step. The training walks you through the steps necessary to get your business indexed as an authority online on a local and a national level.

I have tried to build online success before in the past with limited success. So I already knew some of the steps. But, the nice thing about it is that WA helps me go through each step of building an online business presence little by little and it helps me not overlook any of the steps. The training is phenomenal.

Kyle does most of the video walk thrus. The way he talks and goes through things is like he’s talking to a good friend. He puts it in language that most people can understand. Like he’s talking to a buddy. Very nice.

I love it how the focus is on building a business out of something that a person is passionate about. Anything can be a niche to build a business around. And that is supported by the community 100%. My first niche was Security System Zone ( After I built that up for a while I want to switched over to baseball and a couple of others. I love baseball and I have a few thoughts on how to go with it. 🙂

The best thing about WA is that it teaches how to do hobbies for money, as in making money from things that we love doing. Making hobbies more fun to do!

What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

“Wealthy Affiliate is a business building platform that offers you everything you need in one place to create, grow and manage your businesses online.  With over 850,000 members, it is an all-inclusive experience where you can get everything you need from your websites and hosting on the state of the art hosting platform, to 1,000’s of training modules and support” – Kyle (Founder of Wealthy Affiliate)

“The community at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and something that we pride ourselves in.  If you are a jerk or you like to spam, you are not going to be welcome within the community.   If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn a ton from the 1,000’s of experts at WA, it will be your new home.”

The founders, Kyle and Carson, are VERY active in the community as are many others. Help is only seconds or minutes away.

Why Being a Wealthy Affiliate Makes Sense!

Here are some of the most common “positives” that people love about WA, according to Kyle:

  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!)
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  • Close the 700,000 HELPFUL community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live & Interactive Help (even at 2am in the morning!)
  • 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)

Kyle founded this program years ago. After having only been a member for about a month now, I LOVE IT!. It has been outstanding and I have learned so much. I love how it feels like a Facebook for business building. I have met many like-minded people. I was surprised how fast it was before I felt like I had something to offer to the other members, especially all the newcomers joining daily.

I feel like Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone. Anyone can learn to build a business out of something they are passionate about and be successful with it.

Wealthy Affiliate Training & Tools

There is a lot of training offered at all different levels of expertise, from beginner to expert.  There are over ONE THOUSAND (1,000) powerful training modules. The training is offered in different formats:

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training
  • Task Based Courses

Easy to Build Websites!

You get 2 free websites to build with the free starter membership. And you are able to do them in the world renowned tool WordPress. The sites come out so professional and good looking. Many different quality looking themes to choose from. Here is a list of the key bullet points of what you get:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

It Takes a Community to Create a Success Story (Literally)

What else you get at Wealthy Affiliate is live, 24/7 community and support system.  There is a scrolling live chat going on. I like that, and go in there sometimes. But the best is a search bar top center that I can put in topics that I’m working on at the moment to get suggested training topics already in the training database.
If I can’t find it there, I have an option to post a live question in the forums. I get answers within minutes. There are many different types of support offered at Wealthy Affiliate…

  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 support with Kyle or me or any of hundreds of others
  • Private access to community experts

You never need to feel like you are alone in this. You never need to stay stuck or be in the “dark” for very long like you will with almost every other program out there. Several tools are readily available for getting ideas or feedback almost immediately for what you are working on.

What Sort of Work Will You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

Here is a nutshell diagram of what it’s like building a business in WA:

More from Kyle:

When you join, you are given two options.  You can either follow your passion, maybe you like helping people with skin care or fantasy football, or whatever you want.  There are MILLIONS of potential directions you can head and you can choose that as your direction.  This is going to be your starting point and the initial training course is going to show you how you can take your passion and turn it into a full time business within the online world.  Cool stuff right?

If you don’t have a passion or a niche, or you want us to choose one for you, then that is OK too.  Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate bootcamp with a “predefined” topic that you will be building a business from.  This training is a complete walk through, starting at the bare bones and there is no experience necessary.

So basically, you are going to learn to take your passion and create a business online.  It starts with a niche website, and it is going to end with you earning in a whole variety of ways from that website.  This can be through the promotion of affiliate programs, ads, or otherwise.

The Pricing Plans of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

$0 seems too good to be true, but that statement would be completely wrong. Here’s why: when you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool.  On and on and on.

Premium Membership, $49 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

A quick word about the Wealthy Affiliate Premium program. It was created to remove all of the other “costs” you typically need to worry about during your day to day activities.  The pesky hosting fees, the pesky keyword tool fees, website builder fees, paying for hired help and mentorship, writing tools, domains, live events, searching the net tirelessly for answers to your questions, and getting access to the RIGHT training…all those things have vanished within Wealthy Affiliate Premium into a single low price. I became a premium member in March 2017 and I LOVE it.


If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 61% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.
(3) I am going to be giving you my “Diamond Traffic Bonus”

My Final Opinion

Definitely a must join, at least for the Starter Membership. Try it out for free to see if it is as good as I’m saying it is. You will get a welcome from Kyle and I within the first hour.

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL:
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100 points
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS


Please leave your thoughts and comments. I look forward to interacting with you going forward and helping you build your passion into a thriving business!

12 thoughts on “Review of Wealthy Affiliate

  1. John Rico

    Hey there! I’m a student and I’m having a hard time looking for a part time job online. I heard positive things about wealthy affiliate but I don’t have a clue what is it about. After I read your article you gave me the ideas that I should know about wealthy affiliate. I’m interested on trying it and I hope that I’ll be successful with it. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Norman

    For anyone who truly wants online success, wealthy affiliate is and should be first. When you look at the training, the community and the tools that is at your fingertip you know that you are connected to something great. Many persons are now enjoying the benefits of working full time from home while enjoying what they love doing. Wealthy affiliate is legit and number one when it comes to this kind of business.

    1. Tim

      Thanks for your confidence Norman. I enjoy working with you at WA. I totally agree with you. It’s amazing the support and know-how we get there.

  3. sherri


    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      Thank you very much! I love the team we have. We all work together so nice. And why not? The program works so well!

  4. Joe

    It is a great programme for learning about setting up a niche website and the basics of affiliate marketing. I guess if you have a good grounding in this story of thing already, it may be a bit beginner for you – but there is the whole community aspect of it, and it sort of gameifies it too which is good for motivation i think ! What do you reckon?

    1. Tim Gillen Post author

      Hey Joe! Yeah I love WA. So many good points, especially the community atmosphere. It really helps knowing I’m not alone in building a business. It helps so much to get feedback from others. The training has been stellar.

      Interesting how you feel a gaming aspect of WA. Hmmm, that’s a new thought to me. Tell me more. How is it a game for you? After I get a little bit of a sense about what you mean, I’ll comment on it. I’m a little unsure at the moment 😉


  5. Neil

    It’s the first time I’ve come across this Wealthy Affiliate program, and I must say it sounds brilliant!

    I think it’s great that step-by-step training is provided for successfully building a business on the web, and especially gaining access to the tools and support you need for that success too.

    I also love the fact that WA offers a $0 starting point for folks wanting to earn an income.

    Count me in as a new member of Wealthy Affiliate!

    Neil 🙂

    1. Tim

      Hi Neil! I’m so glad to have you on the team. Yeah I’ve loved WA since day 1. So much good stuff here. I look forward to checking in every morning ever since! Tim

  6. Warren

    Tim great article on how to keep on making money in retirement. It’s hard to just hang it up not knowing if you’ve done everything to keep up your standard of living. Most people haven’t done much and the retirement train is coming at them. You give us all an alternative by showing how to continue to stay busy, make some money and remain a contributing member of the economy and society. Well done.

    1. Tim

      Thank you so much for your understanding and support Warren. I agree with you 100%. Why can’t we work to retire nicely too, like all the rich people. I believe it’s very possible and we can then go about fulfilling our bucket list and serving others through volunteer work. God’s love, Tim


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