I want to get your ideas on what would be good topics to explore on the blog roll of this site. Please submit your ideas for articles to: or comment below in the comments!

You can also let me know how to get a hold of you by filling out the contact form. I’d be happy to call or chat online for more ideas for articles. The whole idea is to promote interesting reads to help motivate people to reach their full potential in their life work.

Here are some ideas for articles or blogs that I have had so far:

  • What can teachers do during the breaks during the year to build up income for retirement?
  • Can we depend on Social Security to be there at all when we finally are able to retire?
  • Why has Gold historically been known to be one of the most stable assets?

  • Overcoming discrimination. What can those who have suffered discrimination such as race, gender and sex do to give themselves a nice retirement? Even reinventing themselves to do so with their own business.
  • How can not wanting to work for “the man” motivate me to be successful in building my own business?

  • What is the value of hard work like vs. having everything handed to you on a silver platter?
  • Disabled Retired and Retired Vets can make money with a new business too!
  • Being known for somebody who made a difference in life for helping others. Leaving a lasting impact and legacy when we die.

Please leave your thoughts or questions below. I would love to interact!

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